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The Story of a Chelsea-Derby Punch Bowl by Stephen Mitchell.
"Recipes for Bodies, Glazes &c 1882": Glaze, body and associated recipes from Tom Hough's book used at Derby Crown and Royal Crown Derby Factories in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries by Brian George.
"Outside" Decoration in (or near) Derby (c1769-c1773)? by Stephen Mitchell.
A Dessert Service for Queen Victoria (1841-1842) by Bryan Merrett.
The Jubilee Years: The Commemoration of Queen Victoria's Reign by the Derby Crown Porcelain Company by Ian C. Harding.
William Edwin Mosley 1877-1956: Letters Home by Bryan Merrett
Why the Workhouse?  The story behind the purchase of the Derby Union Workhouse site for the new Derby Crown Porcelain Company Factory by Ian C. Harding
Richard Askew: Unsafe Attributions by A. P. Ledger
Not just an old crock: Earthenware production at Osmaston Road by Ian C. Harding

(Published in 2013)


Journal 7

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