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Derbyshire Landscapes - Members Gallery.

Following on from Our Derbyshire Landscapes Exhibition in which we invited members to send in examples from their own collections, here is a selection of those forwarded to us.


We've been sent images of these four King Street items by one of our members, three lovely plates showing important Derbyshire subjects and a plaque with a particularly interesting inscription which is proving useful to local residents today.  It is especially interesting to see how subjects keep recurring on Derby porcelain through the ages, with Chatsworth House, Willersley Castle and the Long Bridge, Derby also being included as subjects in our main exhibition.

King Street plate decorated with the titled scene "Chatsworth House, Derbyshire" and signed H. S. Hancock.  Title, signature and crossed swords mark in puce and dating to c1915-1935.



King Street plate titled "Derby" in red script.  Whilst titled in very general terms, the subject can quite clearly be seen as the Long Bridge, Derby, with the Cathedral and Shot Tower in the distance.  The King Street crossed swords mark is also in red and the plate would date to 1875-1882.  Whilst not signed, our member's research and experience of the mark indicates that it was decorated by James Rouse Senior.


This fine King Street plaque is of Muggington Church and measures about three inches in diameter.  Our member has researched the dedication to the reverse and tells us that it was presented to Mary Hermione Fielden in August 1920 by members of the congregation when she left the Parish of Muggington.  Mary's late father was the Rev. Randle Feilden, the former Rector of the Parish.  After his death Mary stayed in the Parish until she left to get married when she became Mrs Honey.  Subsequent contacts between our member and Muggington Church has led to the plaque being used on the cover of the Parish magazine.  The dedication to the reverse is in gold script, with a King Street crossed swords mark and signed H. S. Hancock below the mark in red.


King Street plate, decorated with the titled scene "Willersley Castle" by Harry Sampson Hancock.  It is marked to the reverse with title, crossed swords mark and signature in puce.  It dates to c1915-1935.  This plate makes a very interesting comparison with the Bloor Derby porter mug in our main exhibition.  There is almost 100 years between the production of these two pieces, yet the scene is almost identical.  It suggests the same source picture was used for both.


An overseas member has sent us these images of some very fine Nottingham Road pieces in his collection that he would like to share with us all.  It's good to know that scenes of Derbyshire command such interest around the world.

Derby plate with fluted edge, decorated with the titled sepia landscape "In Dovedale, Derbyshire".  This is pattern 116 and is sometimes referred to as "The Munday Service".  Mark and title in blue and dating to c1790.  (These images reproduced by permission of our member's dealer, Robert Hawker Antiques)

Derby plate decorated with the titled scene "On the River Derwent, Derbyshire".  Mark and title in blue, c1805. 

Provenance - Ex Dr John Freeman collection.

See colour plate 48 in Derby Porcelain 1748-1848, An Illustrated Guide by John Twitchett for this same plate.  He tentatively attributes it to Cuthbert Lawton.      


Derby plate decorated with the titled scene "View near Mappleton, Derbyshire".  Title and mark in blue, c1795.  Interestingly, the plate is marked with the pattern number 179, however reference to the pattern book suggests this is actually pattern 182.


Derby plate with the titled scene "In Dovedale, Derbyshire"".  Dating to c1800, mark and title in blue.  Pattern number 282.

Derby tea cup and saucer, decorated with a bloom ground and the titled landscapes "View near Duffield, Derbyshire" on the saucer and "View on the Trent, Derbyshire" on the cup.  Both are marked in blue and date to c1790.  There is no pattern number, but the design is similar to Derby tea pattern 175, but with the border gilding the same as tea pattern 194.  (These images reproduced by permission of our member's dealer, Coast to Coast Antiques)

A Derby bowl, decorated with the titled scene "View near Markeaton, Derbyshire".  Mark and title in blue, no pattern number. 


The source watercolour by Zachariah Boreman for the view is at Derby Museum, see DPIS Journal 3, page 83.  Interestingly, the watercolour is titled "View on the Old Road to Kedleston" but the strong similarity between the two can be seen.

From the same collector we have this lovely Derby trio with titled landscapes "Near Eaton, Derbyshire" on the cup and "On the River Trent, Derbyshire" on both the can and the saucer.  Titles and marks in red, c1810.

Provenance - ex Seage collection, ex William Allen collection and ex Bryant collection.

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