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On-Line Exhibition of Derby Porcelain Figures.

The Society seminar in March 2012 included a talk, followed by a "show and tell" session on Derby figural and figurative wares.  Leading in to this, the Society decided to mount a small on-line exhibition of Derby figures.

The Society is very grateful to the member who allowed us access to his collection to take these images
and for use of his collection catalogue.

Nottingham Road Figures.
Tithe Pig Group
Dancing Couple
Boy and Girl in Turkish Costumes
Cupid in Disguise
Jupiter and Juno
Nottingham Road Models
Charging Bull
Recumbent Goat
King Street Figures.
Greenwich Pensioner
Boy with Basket of Grapes
North African Soldier
Belper Joe
Sarah Gamp
Tinker and Companion
3 Miniature Toby Jugs
Billy Waters and African Sal
Snuff Taker
Dr Syntax Sketching
Osmaston Road Figures.

Two unrecorded Derby Crown figures of a boy and a girl, dating to c1880.

The boy has an impressed 54, probably relating to a figure list, now sadly lost.

And Finally.....

When the King Street factory was set up after the Nottingham Road factory closed,
some of the old moulds were taken from the Nottingham Road site and used at the new factory. 
The image below shows the same two pairs of figures, those on the left produced at Nottingham Road, marked with the puce crossed batons mark c1790
whilst the pair on the right were made at King Street and marked with the blue crown, crossed swords and D mark with S and H to the sides c1861-1900.


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