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The Finest of Dining.

During 2013 the Royal Crown Derby Museum mounted a superb exhibition featuring some of the fine services the company has produced for royalty, noblemen, world leaders, statesmen and the leading businesses of the day.  It helped to highlight how the powerful men of wealth, power and political influence turned to Royal Crown Derby for services to impress.

In support of the Museum, we mounted this on-line exhibition focusing on the "Around the World" section of the exhibition at Royal Crown Derby. 

The Society is grateful to Royal Crown Derby and in particular Museum Curator Jacqueline Smith for help with, and permission to use, the details and images here.

World Leaders.
Governments and Legislative Bodies
Companies and Individuals of Influence

The Hiram Walker Whisky Company is one of the leading distillery companies in Canada.  Their best known brands are probably Canadian Club and Ballantine's Scotch Whisky.  In 1964 they ordered a service from Royal Crown Derby.  The order was placed through Cassidy's of Montreal.  An example is shown above.

Thomas McKenzie & Sons Ltd were a large ironmongers in Pearse Street, Dublin.  In 1968 they ordered a dinner service from Royal Crown Derby in pattern A1127, of Lombardy shape with a crest.  Two years later their Pearse Street warehouse was to burn down.  An example of the service is shown above.

Above and to the left you can see a breakfast cup & saucer and a plate from the celebrated "Gary" service, with flowers signed by Albert Gregory and gilding signed by George William Darlington.  Produced in 1909, these pieces form part of one of the most expensive services ever made at Royal Crown Derby.  Commissioned by Tiffany & Co, New York for Judge Elbert H Gary, it comprised a coffee, tea and dinner service of at least 400 items.

Gary was born into a farming family in Wheaton, Illinois in 1846 and became a leading expert in Corporate Law.  In 1901 he founded Gary, Indiana, known as the steel mill city.

To the right is a plate, photographed from both front and reverse, that is thought to have been ordered by Gary through Tiffany & Co in 1903.


The Society would like to point out that much of the non-porcelain information has been sourced from the internet - mainly from Wikipedia - and we cannot be held responsible for inaccuracies.

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