Over the coming months and years it is our intention to develop this web site to -

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- reach out to collectors of Derby porcelain in all four corners of the globe.

Shell dish c1815.

Our Latest News.

The Society has recently launched its latest on-line exhibition.  Titled "Oriental Influences", it looks at how porcelain imported from the Far East impacted on the early porcelain production in the UK and how that impact continues through to today. 

Visit the Oriental Influences exhibition.

(To the right is a Derby fluted sauceboat and dish c.1770.)

*** Important Announcement ***

Sadly all our events have been postponed this year due to the current covid 19 pandemic.

We hope to be able to offer a full program next year if the situation allows.


The Royal Crown Derby Museum has now reopened and is receiving visitors once again. 

During the months of lockdown the opportunity has been taken to redecorate, refresh and renew the cabinets on the ground floor.  They now feature a number of different subjects including looking at what may have influenced the lives of decorators William "Quaker" Pegg and gilder William Watson, the events surrounding the Titanic and the Zeppelin raid, together with designs and comparing today's workers with those from the past.


For more information please visit the Museum's new website -




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