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Welcome to the Derby Porcelain Society website.

Over the coming months and years it is our intention to develop this web site to -

- add value to our membership

- become a focal point for students and scholars of Derby porcelain

- reach out to collectors of Derby porcelain in all four corners of the globe.

Have you visited our facebook page recently?

A few weeks ago we showed a virtual tour of some of the finer pieces from one of our member's collections.

We are now visiting another of our member's collections and will be viewing more fabulous pieces.

Usually these pieces aren't available for public viewing so we are very grateful to our members for allowing access to them.

During these times of lockdown we can still enjoy visiting some wonderful pieces of Derby porcelain from the safety of our own homes.  We hope you'll enjoy viewing them.


The Royal Crown Derby Museum has closed its doors to the public during the latest lockdown.  However Director Liz Woledge is still working hard at rebuilding and redesigning the layouts to interest and excite visitors.


The downstairs area of the museum was refreshed with a new layout and exhibition last summer.  More new ideas are envisaged for 2021 though a date for the museum to reopen has yet to be agreed.  This will be ruled by Government guidelines to ensure the safety of the public during the pandemic.

For more information please visit the Museum's new website -




and follow them on facebook. 


(The Society does not collect or store any information from visitors to this website.)