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Welcome to the Derby Porcelain Society website.

Over the coming months and years it is our intention to develop this web site to -

- add value to our membership

- become a focal point for students and scholars of Derby porcelain

- reach out to collectors of Derby porcelain in all four corners of the globe.

Latest Newsletter.

The Society has now published our latest Newsletter 81 which has been mailed to our membership.  This is our first Newsletter in a little while, it's publication has been delayed by a necessary change in roles within the Society.  However we now have a new Newsletter editor and welcome Stuart Shepherd to the post.  Stuart has worked hard over recent months to gather together the articles and photographs needed to produce this publication and the result is a very fine issue.  We thank him for his efforts and look forward to resuming regular production of this important work.

Articles are urgently needed for Newsletter 82 and we'd encourage our members to begin writing once again and send them to us.  Most articles stem from pieces in your own collections, is there something especially interesting about a particular piece?  What persuaded you to buy it?  Are there any special memories attached to a particular piece?  Have you visited anywhere and seen some fine or unexpected pieces of Derby?  Or have you been doing a little research into an item in your collection or something associated with it?  Do please share these with your fellow members.  If it gives you interest or pleasure, then the chances are that it will to other members as well. Please submit articles directly to Stuart at the email address given on page 44 of the latest Newsletter.

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***Important Note***

Members should please note that the email address direct to the Society secretary, is no longer operative and should not be used.

To contact our secretary, please use the email address listed on page 44 of our latest Newsletter


The Royal Crown Derby Museum remains closed to everyday visitors but is open by appointment for tours and viewing.  Director Liz Woledge continues working hard at steering the Museum through these difficult times.


The downstairs area of the museum was refreshed with a new layout and exhibition last summer.  More new ideas are envisaged though a date for the museum to reopen has yet to be agreed.  

For more information please visit the Museum's new website - 


and follow them on facebook. 


(The Society does not collect or store any information from visitors to this website.)